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Want to make a difference?

Become a Volunteer! Join in on our social inclusion activites, make friends, and countless memories! 

Don’t have the time? Become an ambassador! Help spread the word about 603 United and attend our fundraising events! 

We appreciate any help in any way, shape, or form! Thank you for believing in 603 United!

Become A Member

Providing social inclusion activities to adults with and without an intellectual disability. Club member fee is $25/per month.

Become A Volunteer

Make a difference in your community. We can’t do this alone, and thanks to our volunteers we’re able to provide social inclusion activities.

Become an Ambassador

What’s an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is somebody who doesn’t necessarily join in on programming or weekly activities but is somebody who wants to help in one way or another. This can be anything from spreading the word about 603 United, helping with fundraising, volunteering for events, etc.

Own a business or have a special skill and would like to donate your time – Give us a call or email